S02E07: The Thing About Being The CEO

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How do you perceive your role as CEO of your business? Is it time for a promotion? Breanne and Jill think so. You will need a new job description that encompasses what you really want to be doing as a business owner. But with a new job description comes new responsibilities. To be successful in this promotion, you will need to create a space for yourself and your team to accept the new role and put in place success measurements. At the same time, you must prioritize internalizing how effectively you are implementing the new promotion. This episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast will reveal how you can successfully give yourself a promotion in your own online business.

Key Takeaways

[2:34] Promoting yourself at your job: how you think about the job that you give yourself and how you perceive your role as the CEO of your business.

[6:58] Be clear on what it is that you’re promoting yourself into and what you’re promoting yourself out of.

[8:30] Job promotions need new job descriptions, with success measures to track progress.

[12:22] Create space for yourself and your team members to succeed in your new job promotions.

[13:42] How do you write a job description that doesn’t end up being multiple full-time jobs? Decide what is not part of your job anymore.

[19:28] Prioritize and internalize this new way of thinking on a regular basis.

[26:25] We’ll be sharing a case study from a client that has seen tremendous revenue, business, and team grow after a self-promotion in our next episode. 

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