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Unbottleneck Your Business

Depending on where your business is at, here are two ways we can help:

Academy Intensives

Every month, we work with a handful of clients to help them double their profit with half the effort.

COO Services

When you're ready to scale beyond 7-figures, we're here to mentor, develop & lead your operations team.

Academy Intensives

Designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind, these short, focused programs are designed to unbottleneck your business, supercharge your team, and get you to the next level — profitably, sustainably, and equitably.

Simplify & Streamline

Simplify & streamline the way that you (and your team) deliver your products and services to clients so you can increase profitability without sacrificing results.

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Dream Team Design

Free yourself from the day-to-day by defining your next-level team structure, giving ownership of outcomes, and determining who to hire next (if you even need to hire!)

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Operating System

Install an Operating System that gets your team taking proactive action, so they can move the business forward without endless meetings or micromanagement.

Coming July 2024

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The VCA's Commitment to Equity

The Visionary CEO Academy is proudly 100% LGBTQ2S+ and 50% Indigenous (Métis) owned.

At the same time, we also recognize the privileges that have been afforded to us. The systems of racism, sexism, cis-genderism, ableism, etc. run deep, and so we are committed to putting our words into action.

That’s why all programs offered by the Visionary CEO Academy are based on an explicitly intersectional, anti-racist worldview. We:

  • Hold firm our responsibility to create and maintain safe space for marginalized groups, including those who are systematically disadvantaged whether because of race, sexuality, gender, ability, or other forms of diversity.
  • Affirm the importance of science-based decision-making, meaning we acknowledge the reality of climate change, support mask mandates, and are pro-vaxx.
  • Acknowledge that we are headquartered on unceded Coast Salish territory.
  • Believe that Black, Indigenous and Trans Lives Matter.

Finally, as a sign of our ongoing commitment toward reconciliation, 1% of all revenue collected by the Visionary CEO Academy goes to #PayTheRent in support of the Tillicum Lelum Friendship Center’s programs.

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