S02E06: How To Empower Your Team

About This Episode

The secret to super-profitable teams is to build a culture that empowers and creates efficiency. We learned from Jeni Bee last week that she accomplished this by effective management. Her managerial role was that of a facilitator and learner, not a dictator; Jeni inspired and empowered her high-performing team. In this episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast, Breanne and Jill discuss how you can use Jeni’s management techniques to give your team ownership in your online business.

Key Takeaways

[2:21] What it means to manage in a way that doesn’t turn you into a dictatorial jerk – allowing your team members to operate in their zones of genius in a way that is multiplicative.

[5:12] Debriefing Jeni Bee’s conversation from last episode: Why transfer of ownership fails; was a space for ownership created?         

[7:59] How Jeni was able to create space for her team’s ownership.

[9:52] Jeni’s job as a manager was amplified by putting herself in a learning mindset with her team members.

[13:01] Getting the team to work together so all of the work doesn’t have to filter through the manager.

[18:16] Be human with your team and set a regular communications rhythm to get to know and care about your team members.

[22:53] Getting the team to know each other. 

[27:57] Next time, we’ll be looking at what you want your job description to look like and what do you want to promote yourself to?  

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