“I’ve never heard anyone talk about business like you.”

It's a fact:

One of the best ways to build your authority + credibility with your clients is to introduce them to your professional network. But bringing in a guest expert to talk to your clients or colleagues can be dicey at best…

The Professor

Knows a lot. Wants you to know it, too.

Typical Scenario #1:

The speaker wants to dazzle your clients with their brilliance, so they cram a semester-long course into 45 minutes. It’s information overload.

Meanwhile, your clients’ eyes have glazed over, their brains have turned to soup, and they’ve reverted to planning tonight’s dinner and doomscrolling Instagram just off camera.

Sure, they smile and say “thanks” at the end—but they’ve secretly committed to not attending talks you invite them to in the future. Mission failed.

Typical Scenario #2:

The speaker is high on energy (fun, right?), but low on anything your clients can USE.

Sure, you enjoy some stories and chuckle a few times…but what do your clients actually learn?

If you want to build your credibility and trust with your clients, you’ve got to do better than introducing them to people with nothing to offer but Infotainment 101 and cotton candy fluff.

The Infotainer

Lots of flash, not much substance.

That’s where we come in.

Visionary CEO Academy co-founder Breanne Dyck is known for unraveling complex business problems and mapping them to simple, practical solutions. Her approach marries:

  • Interactive Discovery

    Through hands-on learning, exercises and storytelling, Breanne invites participants to discover for themselves what's actually happening under the hood of their business.

  • Next-Level Strategy

    Let's face it: the same old grab-bag of tactics won't impress. Breanne's expertise will have your audience re-thinking their business from the inside, out.

  • A Focus on Equity

    Beyond just diversity and inclusion, Breanne weaves our foundational beliefs in anti-racism, justice and equity into every training, workshop, and interview she offers.

See Breanne in action.

Breanne’s message of sustainable scale—with a focus on creating an effective team culture, world-class client results, and scalable operations—makes her the perfect speaker for your next event, podcast episode, or client workshop.

From the Stage

On Your Podcast

Leading a Workshop

Our most popular sessions & topics.

Whether they’re needing to hire, or don’t even want to think about it—these hands-on sessions are designed specifically for coaches, consultants, strategists & agency owners who are growing multi-6 and 7-figure  businesses online.

Our Signature Deep-Dive Session (45-60+ Minutes)

Sustainable Scale

The Simple, 90-Day Game Plan for Doubling Your Profit with Half The Effort

When it comes to scaling an agency or coaching program, there’s always one big challenge:

There’s only one of you.

And while systems, automation, and delegation can help, they all have their limits. The truth is, you can get to $300k or even $500k just by getting better at sales and marketing. But to grow beyond that, you’ll need to figure out how to sustainably scale the human element.

In this power-packed session, Breanne not only reveals the three key elements of sustainable scale, but walks you through our proprietary process for using them to:

  • Increase the number of clients you can enroll & serve in the next 90 days
  • Reduce friction, decision-points & bottlenecks in your team and operations
  • Lead your team effectively, so everyone loves their jobs (including you!)

Net result? More clients, getting better results, supported by a stronger team … creating more time, money, and energy for you.

Hands-On Jam Session (20-60 Minutes)

Million Dollar Hiring

Next-Level Hiring for a Scalable High-Touch Business

“Hire a team,” they said. “Done,” you said.

And it worked. For a while. But the thing is, hiring low-level helpers can only take you so far. At some point, you need someone who can actually take some of the strategic work off your plate. That someone else is going to need to be:

  • Proactive, not reactive
  • Looking 5 steps ahead, scouting opportunities before even you are aware of them
  • So self-driven and proficient at what she does, that you can confidently stay in your own Zone of Genius, and not be tempted to micromanage to get results.

The only problem? You’re one of a kind … and unicorns don’t exist. Since scientists haven’t mastered cloning (yet…), the question is:

How can you find someone who can carry your torch so you can scale your business AND get some much-needed breathing room?

It all comes down to how you think about the roles on your team: what needs to get done, and how to divvy up the workload in a way that gets sh*t done and ALSO gets clients stellar results.

Good news: by the end of our short time together you’ll have a hiring blueprint that will inspire you to take the plunge and Hire Already™.

PS. Already have a team? Sweet. You can use this same exact process to re-align the people you already have, so they can perform at a higher level. It turns out? A more effective team is closer than you think.

Hands-On Jam Session (20-60 Minutes)

Million Dollar Models

Serve More Clients Without Losing the Personal Touch (or Hiring a Ginormous Franken-Team)

What would you do if we sent you 10 qualified leads, today? And not just any leads—kind, generous people who value and desperately want what you have to offer?

If you’re like most service providers, you’d be able to sign up 1 immediately, 1 in a few weeks, and the other 8 would have to go on a waitlist. Which, if your average client pays you $2k per month, is basically the same as throwing away $192,000 a year.

Let’s face it: you could just keep adding more team members, build better systems, or even create a new (more leveraged) offer … but those things take a lot of time to get right. And since you’re turning down leads, time is probably the one thing you don’t have right now.

But what if you could serve 2-3 times more clients each month, simply by tweaking your existing marketing, sales & delivery processes so they get better results and are more profitable, too?

In this training, we’ll show you how to:

  • Increase profitability without sacrificing client results, even if you already charge a premium and are fully booked
  • Diagnose and address the real root cause of your biggest client delivery bottlenecks (hint: it’s not always you)
  • Simplify and streamline your existing products or services so they can scale sustainably, profitably and equitably

Get this right, and you’ll be able to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line without breaking a sweat. Knock it out of the park, and who knows what you’ll be able to accomplish next.

Hands-On Jam Session (20-60 Minutes)

Million Dollar Operations

Supercharge your team and systems so they can add $30k - $50k per month and you can get your life back

“I have dear friends in multi-seven figure businesses that are stressed, have less time outside of work and don’t make that much more money personally.”

^^ Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

It’s a reality for many: as you grow, your team and systems will begin to crumble under their own weight … leaving you to catch the dropped balls, put out the fires, and route tasks and team members like an air traffic controller.

And while WD40 and duct tape can fix a lot of problems, they’re better suited to leaky pipes and squeaky doors than actual business problems.

Truth is, in order to hit your million-dollar goals, you need to upgrade your patchworked systems, transform your team, and structure your business for scale. And in this session, we’re going to introduce you to three simple tools that make it possible.

By the end of our time together, you will be able to:

  • Determine whether people or processes are at the root of your biggest bottlenecks
  • Measure the results that your team is getting, so you know whether they’re hitting the mark
  • Free up your brain from all of the decisions and questions that pull you in every which direction

Most importantly, you’ll be able to get your life—and love for the business—back again.

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