S02E04: The Thing About Team

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When you empower your teams with ownership, the real magic happens. It is true ownership when your team members understand what is best for the business and want to learn how to make better decisions on their own, freeing you from bottlenecking the process. When Breanne and Jill show you what authentic team empowerment looks like for your business, you may learn that you were doing it wrong. In this week’s episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast, find out how to empower your team to avoid feeling burnt out. 

Key Takeaways

[3:01] The thing about teams – giving ownership to team members. I thought that’s what I was doing but I’m still working too hard and making too many decisions. What am I doing wrong?

[3:47] How teams get bottlenecked: the dogwalker scenario or the hub and spoke scenario.       

[7:32] What team ownership looks like, illustrated with an example.

[14:16] When expectations are not met, resist jumping in and fixing it. Give your team members ownership by performing a gap analysis to see where a mismatch in expectations or lack of clarity exist.

[19:37] Giving your team ownership is a skill: learning to lead our team members, learning to communicate with them, and learning to set expectations.

[20:23] What true ownership means.

[27:07] Ownership perception: you are responsible for making sure your team is empowered, not responsible for how they execute. 

[27:59] Join us next time for a conversation with a client’s manager, who was both empowered and able to empower other team members with powerful results. 

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