This simple, 3-part framework, when implemented, allows your profit, results and team to stay aligned as you grow without without needing to hold it all together personally.

How to Grow Profit, Results & Team (At The Same Time)

PRINCIPLE #1: Scaling sustainably is based on your ability to grow results, profit and team at the same time.

PRINCIPLE #2: You need to install a framework that can replace you as the thing keeping results + profit + team aligned.

Here’s a useful diagram that illustrates how profit, results, and team affect each other:

As you can see, there are three key points of overlap:


Obviously, there’s a fourth point, too, at the center of all three—more on that later. For now, let’s zoom into the main intersections.

Profit + Results = Model

Your model is what determines how many clients you can profitably reach & serve.

When you are intrinsic to the model, you can’t remove yourself from marketing, sales, and/or fulfillment without jeopardizing client results and/or profitability.

Thus, your framework needs to be designed to sell and deliver to 2X, 5X or 10X clients while keeping results high AND improving profitability.

Profit + Team = Culture

Your culture is what determines how effective and profitable your team is.

When you are intrinsic to the culture, your team needs you there to provide strategic direction, manage their progress, and ensure they’re fulfilling your vision & values.

Thus, your framework must help you build a culture that allows your team to be self-sufficient when it comes to making decisions, taking action, and growing the business alignment with your vision & values.

Results + Team = Operations

Your operations is what determines how your team helps get results for clients.

When you are intrinsic to operations, you are the bottleneck when it comes to delivering and/or improving your products, systems, marketing, etc.

Thus, your framework must incorporate an operations approach that allows your team to own the entire process of marketing, sales, product development, and fulfillment from end-to-end without relying on you to be there.

Together, these three intersections give us the third principle of sustainable scale:


The framework that keeps profit + results + team aligned must ensure that your model + culture + operations can thrive without you.

Now, of course, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter model, operations, and culture that will work for every business. That’s why scaling is never as simple as “create a course, build these 10 SOPs, and then hire this person to run it all.”

There is, however, a reliable process for determining what the right model, operations, and culture will look like for you.

In a minute, we’ll walk you through that process—and show you how the whole thing plays out with a practical example. But first, let’s go back to that fourth intersection; the one at the middle of it all.

Because at the end of the day, that is the one that takes this all from theoretical to reality.

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Breanne Dyck

Breanne Dyck co-founded the Visionary CEO Academy to help progressive business owners structure their teams and businesses for sustainable scale to $1M, $5M, $10M and beyond.

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