Most Internet Marketers will tell you that scaling involves marketing, leverage, and delegation. But if that's all it takes, why are so many people doing that and still burning out?

4 Essential Principles For Scaling Up Without Burning Out

Most Internet Marketers will tell you that scaling your business involves doing three things:

  1. First, you get your sales & marketing dialed in so you can sell to more people.
  2. Then, you leverage your delivery by putting in place a bunch of systems, moving to a group model, and/or writing SOPs.
  3. And finally, you delegate all of the ten-dollar-per-hour tasks, so you can focus on the ten-thousand dollar per hour tasks (which means more profit in your pocket) …

Et voila! A scalable business that can generate millions of dollars.

Well, they are right about those three things … in some ways.

In order to scale your business to the million- or multi-million-dollar level, you will need:

  • A way to get MORE RESULTS for MORE PEOPLE,

  • A TEAM that can take care of all the “stuff” that needs doing, and

  • The ability to generate more PROFIT along the way

But if growing your results, team and profit were really all it takes, you’d never see stories like this:

See, there’s a world of a difference between simply “scaling” your business … and scaling it sustainably.

After all, if you get more clients, but have to hire such a big team that it cuts your profit margin to nil … that’s not scalable.

Or if you keep the profit margin super high, but it means that you can’t give clients the kind of experience & results they want … that’s not scalable either.

Thus, to scale SUSTAINABLY, you need to be able to:

  • Sell to—and get results for— 2X, 5X, 10X or more clients (so you can 2X, 5X or even 10X your revenue)

  • WHILE building a team that will take care of all the details (so that you can focus on other things—like your family and your life)

  • WHILE also increasing your profitability (so you can reinvest in growth, or gasp even pay yourself more)

In other words, scaling sustainably requires you to not only grow your business, but to do it while improving your results, profit and team all at the same time.

This is the first of four principles that, when implemented, lead to sustainable scale:


Scaling sustainably requires you to increase your profit + results + team all at the same time.

And so, over the next few pages, we’ll not only introduce you to the remaining three principles …

But we’ll also show you how implementing them will allow you to scale your business operations from multi-6 to 7-figures (and beyond)…

While keeping your results, profit and team aligned.

Meaning by the end, you’ll have a complete roadmap for getting across the million-dollar mark without burning out, losing profitability, sacrificing client results, or needing to hire and manage a massive team.


Let’s dive in.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This article is about what it takes to sustainably scale an online business by upgrading your operations, rather than sales and marketing.

As such, it assumes that you have already figured out how to sell and market your offer to at least the multi-6-figure level. If you’re not at that point, then this article won’t help.

But if you have reached that point—and especially if you’ve hit max capacity and the idea of bringing on any more clients makes you feel a bit queasy—then the rest of this article is for you. 

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Breanne Dyck

Breanne Dyck co-founded the Visionary CEO Academy to help progressive business owners structure their teams and businesses for sustainable scale to $1M, $5M, $10M and beyond.

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