S02E02: A Conversation with Keila Hill-Trawick

Keila Hill-Trawick joins us this week for a conversation about time and how she was able to get more of it in her business.

About This Episode

Keila Hill-Trawick joins us this week for a conversation about time and how she was able to get more of it in her business. In this case study, Keila demonstrates how focusing her core offer and aligning her team brought more time into her accounting firm. By building the foundations learned in Visionary CEO Academy, she now has the flexibility to take time off during weekends and the year. Her team has also found empowerment during the process, further adding to Keila’s bank of time. Learn how Keila was able to do it on this episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways

[1:00] Meet today’s guest Keila Hill-Trawick, owner of Little Fish Accounting, a CPA firm serving online businesses across the country with accounting and financial guidance.

[3:54] Keila’s struggle with time: working too many hours each day, burned out, and exhausted. Sound familiar?    

[6:00] Making the changes by building in time-off and times of business closure, and the positive effects on the team. 

[8:57] Keila was able to make these changes by focusing her core offer down and narrowing it down to what created a sense of partnership with her clients.

[11:51] How Keila is leading her clients and giving them responsibility in the relationship.

[15:59] Empowering the team – Keila brought her team into alignment and accelerated productivity and gained time for everyone.

[19:50] The entrepreneurial journey isn’t about SOP’s and processes, it’s about the mindset and foundations that you build moving up the visionary pyramid.

[25:20] Actionable advice from Keila: if you want to make changes to your time management, be intentional with how you treat your relationship with time.

[28:50] Next episode we’ll debrief this conversation and give you tips on how you can apply some of what Keila talked about to other kinds of businesses.

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