S02E05: A Conversation with Jeni Bee

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We talked with Jeni Bee about how she rejected the typical top-down management styles and opted for team ownership and empowerment in its place. She managed a group of contractors into a seamless team by aligning on communication, building culture, and removing the owner from the sole decision-making process. This led to a highly motivated and productive team, a fun and inspiring work environment, and a management position open for strategic roles rather than micromanagement. Learn how Jeni made the transition on this episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast.
Key Takeaways

[2:24] Jeni Bee joins us for a conversation about management and giving teams ownership – how she transitioned from a self-employed copywriter consultant to an employed management position.

[6:49] Why Jeni went from a contractor with her current employer to a full-time employed manager, why the switch made sense for her, and why it may make sense for you to ask your best contractors if they would consider making the same switch inside your business.

[9:59] Assembling the team and establishing communication systems, a sense a culture, and alleviating the owner from being the centralized hub for decision-making.

[16:48] Jeni explores how she was able to take ownership and then be able to give ownership to her team as well, and how that was different from how she had been managed in the past.

[20:16] If Jeni is trying to be an anti-patriarchal, decolonization of work-type manager, where does she spend her time as a manager? Breanne wants to know! She’s freed-up to be more strategic.

[22:59] Letting your team members work in their zone of genius.

[24:47] Jeni’s message to CEOs and founders as a manager of a high-performing team.

[28:25] Next time, we’ll be looking at how you can apply some of what Jeni has learned and is doing to both take ownership and give ownership to your team members in your own business.

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