S01E09: Building A Culture That Works

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Our focus has been on the Visionary Pyramid and how your teams can realign with your delivery methodology so you can take a step back from the How decisions. In this episode, we discuss how your Culture acts as the guiding force that holds your Visionary Pyramid together. It is crucial that you set up a business culture with systems, behaviors, and practices that align with your values to empower your team and grow your business. Listen to the Visionary CEO Podcast to discover the five essential elements for cultural systems you need to be implementing if you want to scale your business to seven figures and beyond.

Key Takeaways

[1:08] Picture your Visionary Pyramid like Jenga but replace your Jenga blocks with LEGO bricks.

[3:10] Culture is the mortar holding your Visionary Pyramid together.

[4:29] Bring behaviors into alignment with the values of the business.

[7:27] The five essential elements of cultural systems: Strategic communications, Hiring, Assessment, Reward, and Progression (SHARP).

[8:01] Strategic communication rhythm.

[13:29] A culture focused approach to hiring.

[17:23] The cultural assessment perspective.

[20:33] Expressing culture through reward.

[23:40] Progression from a culture first perspective.

[26:58] Culture is going to drive the business towards growth rather than you having to be the one doing the driving all the time.

[28:21] Next time we dive deep into mindset—all the leadership elements of you need to become the visionary CEO of your business.

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