S01E07: Structuring A Scalable Delivery Team

About This Episode

How do you remove yourself from being the person that does all the delivery, but still see your business continue to grow and scale? Build a scalable delivery team that supports your High-Value Hybrid business! Breanne and Jill use an exercise for structuring a billion-dollar product ops team, building on the three dials and infinitely scalable delivery model from the last episode. Plus, they dive deep into how you can use cohorting with your teams for efficient delivery at a large scale, available now on the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways

[2:24] Defining what a product ops team is, who we want on it, and why we start here.

[3:39] The Billion-Dollar Team exercise; time to dream!

[9:16] Delivery is a big piece of the puzzle.

[13:27] Putting together a broad team structure by combining responsibilities, and the problem with unicorns.

[16:15] Scaling your delivery team.

[18:25] Cohorting – Breanne’s favorite tool.

[26:09] How does cohorting affect launches?

[29:07] Next time: Stop being an individual contributor and become the person at the top of what we call the visionary pyramid.

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