S01E04: Is Your Core Offer Scalable?

About This Episode:

You know you want to scale your business to seven figures and beyond – but have you stopped to consider if your core offer is up to the task? Having the right scalable core offer and business model will free you from the day-to-day headaches. Your clients will be happier, and you will see the profits you desire! Breanne and Jill reveal how having the one, right scalable offer gets you foundational results on the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways

[0:33] Introduction: A deep dive on the Visionary CEO Academy’s “Results Framework”.

[1:37] What does LEGO have to do with the right scalable core offer and the right scalable business model?

[6:22] How to know if your business model is fundamentally scalable or not.

[11:37] What we want to have is a business model which is built around one core offer, directly aligned with purpose, vision, and mission.

[15:37] The core transformation that takes place within your clients in your core offer.

[19:59] The first victory.

[23:23] Circling back and recapping.


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