"You can't scale if you're constantly recreating the wheel" - Jill Joevenazzo

S01E01: Stop Bottlenecking and Start Scaling

About This Episode:

What would happen to your business if you suddenly had 10, 20, or 50 new clients wanting to work with you? Could you take an unexpected leave for a few days and your business will carry on perfectly? Does your team get things done without you having to manage every little thing?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re like most of the online business owners and entrepreneurs we talk to every day.

We’re looking at the top three challenges that prevent business owners from scaling — and revealing what the solutions are to each — today on the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways
[1:25] Introducing three of the top challenges online business owners face as they go to scale.
[2:20] What it means when your offer isn’t scalable.
[7:46] Stop recreating the wheel and scale what you already have.
[17:01] How to overcome the challenge of when you are both the product and the bottleneck in your business.
[26:58] Allow your business to ‘grow up’ and remove yourself from the product, let your team deliver.
[33:38] How to manage your team and avoid getting stuck in the day-to-day mess of constantly putting out fires.
[41:37] Learning how to delegate, and effectively communicate delegation.
[46:07] How to transfer responsibility of ownership to a team member.
[51:13] Litmus test: Are you ready to scale?

Visionary CEO Podcast – S01E01

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