The Visionary CEO Framework consists of two main components

The Visionary CEO Framework is how we represent the elements that must be in place in your business for it to be truly scalable.

  1. The three STRUCTURES of scale, and
  2. The places where they INTERSECT


The structures of scale are the things we talked about before:

Results + Team + Profit

The intersections are where things get interesting, though, because they are what hold results, team and profit in alignment—supporting your business as it grows—so you don’t have to.

Because, as we talked about earlier, if your results, team and profit aren’t held in alignment as you scale, you’ll quickly run into problems:

Getting world-class results for more clients requires a bigger team; bringing on more team makes it harder to profit; and without enough profit margin, you won't reach enough people to scale

And, of course, the opposite is true as well:

If you don't get results, you won't get the referrals, retention, etc. to keep profit high; the tighter your profit margin is, the harder it will be to hire the kind of team support you need; and without the right team, you'll be unable to focus on the things that drive results

THIS is what most people (even the gurus with the scaling programs!) miss.

Heck, even we tried to address profit, results and team in isolation for years.

While Breanne wrote a book on creating world-class client experiences & operations ...
While Breanne wrote a book on creating world-class client experiences & operations ...
... Jill was perfecting her management & team building skills.
... Jill was perfecting her management & team building skills.

The truth is, the longer we work in this online industry, and the more clients we support, the more it has become clear that you can’t address these things in isolation.

It just doesn’t work.

Because at the end of the day, the problem is that even if you’ve got great results … even if you’ve got a great team … and even if you’ve got great profit …

you are still the thing that’s holding it all together:

  • You’re the one making sure your MODEL is profitable and gets top-tier results.
  • You’re the one making sure your OPERATIONS allow your team to get those results consistently.
  • You’re the one making sure your CULTURE that helps you lead an empowered, profitable team


That’s why you can spend as much time and money as you want, learning from big name experts … focusing on marketing, or fulfillment, or finances, or mindset, or sales, or … well, you get the idea.

You will still end up burning out, overworked, and ready to burn down your business.

Because when you focus on the details of sales, marketing & delivery (aka. results) … or hiring & delegating (aka. team) … or cashflow and finances (aka. profit) …

You aren’t solving the underlying structural problem which is that all those things still rely on you.

Scaling requires you to replace yourself at the intersections.

If you want the kind of business that runs itself ,you can no longer be the person responsible for holding together results + profit + team.

Otherwise, you’ll always just stay stuck in the middle, managing all the things.

So if you want sustainable, multi-seven-figure scale, you must give your business the ability to apply the levers of model + operations + culture to get (and keep) them aligned.

When you do that, you can free yourself up and be the Visionary CEO.

Now, this is all good in theory. But how does it work in practice?

Let’s look at an example.

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Breanne Dyck

Breanne Dyck

Breanne Dyck co-founded the Visionary CEO Academy to team help progressive coaches, consultants and strategists avoid hitting the wall of overwhelm and burnout as they scale to $1M and beyond.