Let’s say you’ve got a world-class marketing business

You’re doing somewhere between $300k and $500k a year, and you’re growing quickly.

Your goal for the year is to double your revenue, take a week off for vacation every month, and buy a second house on the beach.

The gurus out there will tell you that in order to do that, you’ll need to do three things:

  1. Set up a leveraged offer and then get your own sales & marketing dialed in so you can enroll more people (and hopefully get results for them, too)
  2. Then you just need to hire and delegate more so you can serve all those people (which means a bigger team)
  3. And with the right systems and SOPs in place, you’ll be able to do it all without breaking the bank (which means more profit)


Well, they’re right about those three things … in some ways.

In order to scale your business you do need:

A way to get more RESULTS for more people.

A TEAM that can take care of all the “stuff” that needs doing​

The ability to create more PROFIT as you grow

But what they miss is that as soon as you get your sales and marketing working, you’ll start to grow.


And that means your business is going to start changing, quickly.

  • An influx of new customers, which quickly translates into way more work than you and your team can handle

  • You know you need to hire, but because your delivery systems & processes are now breaking (because they weren’t built to handle this many clients) ...

  • You decide you can’t hire until you fix your processes & systems in place, so you try to find a few hours a week to create SOPs for them to follow (which, by the way, feels a lot like pulling teeth)

  • Meanwhile, your existing team members (who were GREAT at $500k!) are now starting to buckle under the pressure

  • Ultimately, you throw up your hands and decide to hire anyway — an integrator or an OBM or a project manager or SOMEONE who can just take all of this stuff off your plate.

  • You’re not really sure what that person should be doing (never mind how you can afford them), so you ask a few friends, swipe a job description you found online, and post it all the places you can think of

  • By some miracle you find someone, but you don’t really have time to set aside to onboard and train them, so they end up costing you a LOT of money and even MORE time …

All the while, you’re barely keeping on top of what YOU should be doing.

Between dealing with the team, building the SOPs, trying to train your new hires, and the putting out fires that keep cropping up due to ALL the new clients you’ve got, you’re stretched (and stressed) to the max.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.” – Jessie Potter

Doing “more” of the same stuff (hiring, delegating, building processes, etc.) …

When that stuff is what is currently burning you out, stretching you too thin, and making you feel like you’re flying the plane as you’re building it …

Well, it doesn’t really make sense.

And that is why you can have a great team, with solid systems, and you could even hire a great OBM or Integrator … but because you are still the key piece upon which your whole business is based, you will not be able to grow the way you want.

Whether it’s that you’re the one creating all the IP, or you’re the one showing up in all the marketing, or you’re the one reviewing all the sales copy, or you’re the one managing the team members, or you’re the one setting priorities, or you’re the one taking calls with clients …

You are so intrinsic to results, profit and team that your business can’t function without you.

Which brings us back to that idea of structure.

And in particular, the structures that make up the Visionary CEO Framework.

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Breanne Dyck

Breanne Dyck

Breanne Dyck co-founded the Visionary CEO Academy to team help progressive coaches, consultants and strategists avoid hitting the wall of overwhelm and burnout as they scale to $1M and beyond.