Foundational training to get out of the day-to-day

Foundational training to get you out of the day-to-day.

Leadership development to make sure you stay there.

We are currently accepting applications for our Q1 cohort which begins January 2023.

Joe Taylor Jr.

Co-Founder, PodcastTaxi

I’m no longer looking at a straight-line trajectory of just knocking out 60-70 hour weeks until I fall over. I’m putting in just the right amount to continue to steer the ship, while the team is growing and fanning out beneath me.

Denise Duffield-Thomas


Putting me back into the things that I’m good at (and taking me away from the things I’m not as good at) ... that is making a huge energetic shift for me in the passion that I have for my business.

Myleik Teele

Founder, CurlBox

I now have time to work ON the business. I don't think I realized how little time I had to get things done... for the FIRST time ever, I see a path to creating more while still feeling in alignment with my purpose.

Autumn Witt Boyd

Principle Attorney, AWB Law

I wanted to just stop the train because it all felt like too much, but the changes we implemented from the Academy have made it actually sustainable.

Everything you need to breakthrough the bottlenecks.

Install the operational infrastructure you need to scale sustainably with action-oriented projects, hands-on workshops, 1:1 mentorship, and much more.

Design your scalable infrastructure.

The core curriculum of the Academy is designed to get you scaling three specific parts of your business: your sales & fulfillment model, your operations, and your culture. At each stage, you’ll be tackling a specific project with personalized guidance so you can design the scalable business structures that are right for you.

Get hands-on with top-tier peers.

Just like labs in a college setting, our small-group workshops allow you to apply what you’re learning alongside your peers and our expert trainers. Together, you’ll collaborate to design new systems, uplevel your team, and define the strategy that will take your business to the next level—while keeping your progressive values front and center.

Level up your personal leadership.

There are many programs that will help you scale your business, and many others that will help you on your journey to progressive leadership. But none has existed for the online business owner that wants to do both—until now. Structure your business in alignment with your values, and in the process, become the leader that your next-level business, team, and clients need.

Join a growing number of progressive, Visionary CEOs

Our clients and alumni are progressive, equity-minded entrepreneurs who are actively scaling world-class, results-oriented businesses … profitably and sustainably. Here are just a few of them.

Apply To The Visionary CEO Academy

Admissions are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis and each cohort is limited to 8 participants. Tuition starts at $5000 USD.

We are currently accepting applications for our Q1 cohort which begins January 2023.

Academy Curriculum

Here’s exactly what you’ll accomplish over the 9-week program:

Getting Started

Kick-Off & Orientation

Determine the best way to get some of your time back immediately.

Personal & Business Constraints

Define boundaries around what scaling looks like when it’s aligned with you, your goals, and your values.

Project #1: Sales & Fulfillment Model

Evolve Your Vision

Create a meaningful purpose, vision and mission that represents how you want your business to show up in its next stage of growth.

Core Offer Analysis

Evaluate how you have been serving clients to date, and assess its alignment with your constraints, vision and goals.

Results & Profit Audit

Identify which elements of your sales & fulfillment processes contribute the most (and least) to your profit and client results.

Project #2: Operations

Mutual Value Alignment

Improve your operational efficiency by identifying where you are leaking profit, time and energy.

The High-Value Hybrid (Part I: Do It Differently)

Examine how you can make subtle adjustments to your sales & fulfillment processes to make them more scalable and more effective.

The High-Value Hybrid (Part II: Cohorting)

Investigate alternative sales models outside of evergreen and launching, to determine your most scalable path forward.

Project #3: Team & Culture

Get Out Of The Day-To-Day

Map your existing team with your new operational structures in order to free up your time and create better client outcomes.

Elevate & Empower Decision-Makers

Assess who on your team can take more ownership, and in what way, so that you are removed as the bottleneck to decision-making

Install the Visionary Pyramid

Transition your team with their new responsibilities while also planning out your next hires.


Promote Yourself

Redefine your role in the company, so you’re prepared to lead it into the next phase.


About The Visionary CEO Academy

At the Visionary CEO Academy, we’re building the most advanced leadership institute for Visionary CEOs who are committed to scaling progressive, profitable & sustainable online businesses.

We are proudly 100% LGBTQ2S+ and 50% Indigenous (Métis) owned, and at the same time, we also recognize the privileges that have been afforded to us.

We know that the systems of racism, sexism, cis-genderism, ableism, etc. run deep. That’s why we are committed to transforming the online business industry such that every client gets results, every team member is empowered, and every business owner loves their life.

Here are a few of the ways that we put our words into action:
Breanne & Jill wearing orange t-shirts in commemoration of Orange Shirt Day


We acknowledge that we are headquartered on unceded Coast Salish territory, with team members located on the traditional and unceded territory of both the Kwalikum and Qayqayt First Nations.

That's why we #PayTheRent with 1% of our revenue going to supporting the Tillicum Lelum Friendship Center's programs.

We also make additional contributions to a local Indigenous organization selected by our team on a quarterly basis, and pay referral commissions in the form of donations to the referrers preferred social justice organization.

Anti-Racism Pledge

We are signatories to the Small Business Anti-Racism Pledge, which means that we have committed to:

  • Name white supremacy and the impact of racism on both our personal and professional lives.
  • Engage in anti-racist education for our entire team.
  • Invest a portion of our monthly company budget to the Black, Brown & Indigenous community.
  • Commit to open-conflict and allow discomfort.
  • Express our sincere, long-term commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization.

Our Highest Value

We believe that Every Person is a Person … First, Last and Always.

That means Black Lives Matter, Love Is Love, women’s rights are human rights, ability takes many forms, equity (not just diversity and inclusion) is mandatory, and running a vision & values-led business is the ONLY type of business we want to be part of. These values aren’t optional for us. They are bedrock foundational—for our founders, for our team members, and for our clients.

And it also means that if we’re going to work together, you should hold those values as well.

Apply To The Visionary CEO Academy

Admissions are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis and each cohort is limited to 8 participants. Tuition starts at $5000 USD.

We are currently accepting applications for our Q1 cohort which begins January 2023.

Graduate Stories

Amy’s revenue increased from $15k to $65k per month while she reduced her working hours by more than 50% — in less than 9 months.

Joe’s business tripled its monthly income, and he took a real 4-week vacation without needing to check-in.


To be a good fit for the Academy, you should:

  • Have an established offer that you already know how to sell & market
  • Get great client results, whether you deliver through services, coaching, training, etc.
  • Be on track to generate $300k-$1.5M+ in the next 12 months*
  • Desire to be seen as a leader by your clients, your team, and your audience as you scale a company that is bigger than just you

In addition, you should agree that Black Lives Matter, love is love, women’s rights are human rights, ability takes many forms, equity (not just diversity and inclusion) is mandatory and that running a vision & values-led business is the only type of business you want to run.

* This revenue range is a recommendation; it is not strictly required. If you’d like to enroll but are not sure if you qualify, please complete the Pre-Application Assessment.

We’ve designed the Academy as a hybrid experience, where you’ll get the benefit of both private interaction with our team as well as collaboration from your peers. In general, the assessments & coaching calls are private, while the workshops are typically delivered in group settings.

Most clients set aside 3-5 hours per week on Academy material, including completing projects, attending workshops, and participating in coaching. You may also want to include some time for personal reflection and collaboration with your team or your peers in the Academy.

There is one 90-minute implementation workshop per project. Each is held Tuesdays at 10:30am Pacific and are always recorded should you be unable to attend at that time.

We can provide a specific schedule to you upon request (as it varies depending on when you enroll).

We also offer coworking & live coaching sessions on Thursdays at 1:30pm PT. These are optional, but a great opportunity for you to put time on your calendar to get your project work done while we’re there to support you.

Yes. You and up to one member of your team are both invited to the client center, Slack, and workshops. However, the private coaching calls are just for the business owner.

Got a question not answered here? Drop us a line and we will get back to you.

Apply To The Visionary CEO Academy

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Visionary CEO Academy. We’re excited to learn more about you.

The whole application will take ~5 minutes to complete.