Use the Impact Matrix To Scale Your High-Touch Work

When I’m working with clients — whether I’m doing an intensive or having a jam session with one of our Accelerator clients — one of my favorite questions to tackle is this one:

How do I help clients create amazing results without working 1-on-1 with them personally?

When you offer high-value products and services, it can be challenging to figure out how to scale it up without losing the high-touch part of the work you love … or turning your business into one of those highly leveraged models that herd people into group programs.

Since it’s such a popular question, I decided to record this short video to answer it.

Inside, I share the 4 different models you can follow, and which ONE we’ve found to work best for scaling up a client-based business.

So let’s dive into this.

The Impact Matrix

The way The Impact Matrix works is this:

We can reach few people, or we can have an impact on many people.

And you can do that by having just you, or you can have you plus other people; a team, right?

So you can either help few people or many people, and you can do it by yourself or you can do it with others.

Now most of us start off our business down here: it’s just you helping a few people and it’s known as one-on-one.

And then it comes time to grow, and they think there are two options:

1. Scaling One-To-Many

Instead of working with just one person at a time, the first option is to go one-to-many:

Courses, masterminds, group programs.

But there comes a point at which the impact from one-to-many actually starts to cap out, because what happens?

You get 100 people in a course or 100 people in a program.

You get them all onto a coaching call, and everyone gets three minutes with you, if that.

There are lots of people, but not a big impact when you do one-to-many in this way.

Right? People talk about herding people into highly-leveraged programs. This is what they’re talking about.

2. Scaling Many-To-One

The next option that people consider is many-to-one.

They hire a team, and that team works with a small number of clients.

This is, basically, the traditional agency model.

And you end up with a whole lot of moving pieces, just to work with a very small number of clients.

It’s very complicated, and a lot of agency owners end up hating it because they have a whole lot of people that they’re employing and working with, for just a very small impact.

It can feel like it’s a whole lot of complexity for nothing.

Introducing The High-Value Hybrid

So if one-on-one is where we start …

And everyone out there is telling us to go either one-to-many with highly-leveraged programs, sacrificing the transformational power …

Or to go the many-to-one to go the agency route, with lots of complexity and small impact …

What do we do, if we aren’t satisfied with either of those options?

Well, spoiler alert, the answer happens right in here. We call it The High-Value Hybrid.

Let me show you how it works.

What we need to realize is that even though your product looks like one thing from the outside, it’s actually not one thing. It happens in a bunch of different steps, a bunch of stages.

And so when it comes to scaling up delivery, instead of scaling it as a whole, you want to look at how to scale each step.

There are three ways to do this.

1. Simplify & Streamline

So the first thing we can do is to simplify, or streamline, or just plain eliminate steps.

To look at the whole process and say, “You know what? This step isn’t actually adding value, let’s remove it.”

2. Enhance the Client Experience

The second thing is we do is to change the client experience.

What does the client experience?

In our intensive, for example, some pieces like the onboarding and reviewing of the plans, happens one-on-one.

Other pieces, like the actual workshop sessions where you’re designing your new structures, we do them in a small group so you can benefit from interaction with others.

3. Change Who Does It

And then the third variable that you can play with is, is who actually does the step.

So you could go and you could hire someone to run the group part, someone else to do the one-on-one piece.

Because each step can have different people involved in doing it.

You only need to do the steps you’re best at.

Your Turn

All right, so there you have it:

The Impact Matrix, and the High-Value Hybrid.

Now that you’ve seen how it works, my question to you is:

Which of these options makes the most sense for you and your business?

Is your business going to focus on one-on-one?

Are you going to go with the more leveraged model?

Are you going to go with the agency?

Or have you decided that your business needs to follow the high-value hybrid model?

Go ahead and send me a Facebook message; I would love to know what your choice is.