Gemma Went

Gemma Went is an award-winning business and mindset mentor who works with small business owners to help them create the success they dream of in their business. She focuses on online business, digital marketing, creating a success mindset, and helps her clients develop their own business models, product road maps, growth strategies, outsourcing, and so on.

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Meet Gemma

Gemma’s clients and their businesses vary, but all of them connect with her deeply. She can resonate with their struggles, and help on their journey, in a way that feels a lot more personal than other coaching services.

However, Gemma herself had hit a bit of a plateau in her business:

“Things were going really well. I had a team of two people, and my revenue was around £200,000. I had a really cool offer (a mastermind) which I loved and was very easy for me to fill. It’s become the core of my business. But I realized that the strategies I had used to get me to where I was had kind of exhausted themselves, and I didn’t have the specific knowledge to take me to the next step.”

For Gemma, the next step was getting to a half a million pounds in a year, but she also wanted to work less.

“My five year old started school last year, and I realized that I wanted to be around for school breaks and holidays, not working. So my real aim, as well as growing my revenue, was me working less.”