Denise Duffield-Thomas

Founded by Denise Duffield-Thomas, (popularly known as is an Australian-based company that helps women (particularly women entrepreneurs) change the way they think and feel about money so they can normalize wealth and use money for good in the world.

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Meet Denise

Like many founder-owners who grew their business from scratch, Denise couldn’t seem to get out of her own way with the daily activities of her business. She’d gotten good at delegation, but her hands were still in all the pies of the business.

“My business had been doing really great, but it got to a point where I could feel that I was being a bottleneck in the business. I could tell that the way that I had been working was not going to continue working for the company. I felt that every new person that was coming in was on my back. I’m so used to holding it. How can it survive without me holding it? And of course it can, but I didn’t know.

I’ve been hiring piecemeal consultants for a long time, just still being the queen bee with the overview… like, ‘Okay, you tell me how to fix this bit. And you tell me how to fix this bit.’” But no one who overall had a really good business sense of everything.

Having to personally monitor all the cooks in the kitchen kept her on a treadmill that wouldn’t allow the company to grow to the scope and size she’d envisioned.

“When I think of where I wanted to take the company—and I wanted to grow the company much bigger—that style of working was NOT working for the company and it wasn’t going to grow the company. I knew I needed a bit of a radical shift in thinking beyond what I knew, and to explore that unknown stuff.”