Julie Parker & Beautiful You Coaching Academy

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy trains heart-centered people, who have a love of giving in their life, to become life coaches.

The Academy teaches students how to use their inherent skills, qualities, and life lessons to help their clients achieve their desires and goals in a conscious way. Beautiful You Coaching Academy teaches not only the craft of coaching, but also the mechanics of starting and building a successful coaching practice.

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Meet Julie

Beautiful You Coaching Academy founder Julie Parker describes the Academy as a “business building experience that is incredibly authentic and genuine.”

“It’s not about triggering or tricking people into making decisions in their life that come from a place of lack or are just not about what they really really want,” she says. “We know sometimes people can see things—online for example—and think ‘well, I must have that because everybody else wants it,’ or ‘I must do that.’”

“We try to create a coaching community that is all about helping make conscious decisions for themselves. That’s not the same way that everyone’s doing business right now.”