Business coaching for progressive online business owners who are ready to

Scale Sustainably

Some days, it feels like your business has taken on a life of its own.

Things are clicking. They’re happening. Momentum is building, sales are rolling in, and you’ve got clients that love you.

After all the sweat, blood and tears, you’ve finally got A Business That Works.

Then there are the other days.

The days when it’s clear that all this growth has left you with a Business That’s Broken.

The days when the ‘ping’ of a new Slack notification is enough to send you into a panic. When you can’t help but want to hide from your team, afraid of what they’re going to ask next. When you just get one thing working, only to discover at least ten more that aren’t.

On those days, even getting an inquiry from a new prospect feels less like a cause for celebration, and more like a punch to the gut because you just can’t handle anything more.

Most of all, you’re just so tired. Tired of managing people, tired of talking about the same things all the time, tired of your product … possibly even tired of your business as a whole.

Here’s the truth: as long as your business is growing, things will keep breaking.

The market will change, technology will evolve, and you’ll keep coming up with new ideas for how to make things better. (After all, it’s not like you’re the type to just sit around and never create anything new.)

That’s why the question isn’t “how do I make my business unbreakable?”

It’s “how can I structure my business so that when things break, I don’t have to be the one putting it all back together again?”

That’s the problem we help our clients to solve.

Our Signature Process

Right now, the last thing you need is another group program, cookie-cutter course, or so-called “mastermind” where you’re the most experienced person in the room.

(You also don’t need to do yet another ideal client avatar worksheet, or to waste time with advisors who think the solution is to automate everything and hire cheap overseas labor for the rest. #EquityMatters)

What you really need, right now, is someone to help you pull your business apart and put it back together again. Someone to look at your business from the outside and help you see the things you’re missing – not just on a tactical level, but on a deep, enduring, strategic one. Someone to help you get from where you are, to where you could be. Even if you’re not quite sure where that is yet.

That’s where we come in.

Our signature process & frameworks are designed to support busy entrepreneurs to scale up your services, unbottleneck your business, and build a world-class team & culture.

What You Can Expect

When you work with the Visionary CEO Academy, we use our proven frameworks and proprietary tools to curate and customize a unique pathway for you and your company.

Then, we coach you through the execution process, personally … no cookie-cutter formulas, mass-market sleaze, or other Internet Marketer hack-tics required.

Here’s how it works:

Build Your Game Plan

Our enrollment process begins with a complementary scalability audit & game plan session. During this 30-minute call, we:

  • Evaluate your existing business model, systems and team to determine what's possible
  • Audit your core process, your operations, your leadership & culture, to find the #1 thing that’s interfering with your scalability
  • Map out an action plan that will help you add $30k-$50k per month, sustainably, profitably and equitably

At the end of the call, if you love the plan and you want our help to implement it, we can get you enrolled right away.

Book A Game Plan SessionWhen You Apply

Personalized Implementation Pathways

This is not a “program” or “course” with a bunch of videos, a pile of modules, and other content you don’t have time to consume.

Rather, we develop a custom implementation pathway and guide you through it with specific projects & exercises hand-picked based on you and your situation.

Add in regular strategic planning sessions, a library of frameworks and resources on everything from hiring plans to performance management to business model development and beyond ... we've got everything you need for sustainable scale.

Custom Consulting

Develop Your Leadership

Using your custom plan as a guide, we'll give you the 1:1 coaching, mentorship, and support you need as you streamline your operations, level up your team, and handle all of the day-to-day challenges that come with growing and scaling your business—whether strategic, tactical, leadership, or mindset.

Got other managers on your team? They're eligible for unlimited 1:1 coaching and support, too, so they can develop the effective leadership skills you—and your team—need.

Executive Coaching

Measure What Matters

Along the way, we'll install easy-to-use tracking systems that help you (and your team) not only measure progress, but also to stay focused on the right things on a daily and weekly basis.

Plus, our team will use this data to proactively provide you with strategic insights, identifying potential obstacles and opportunities so you can succeed, faster.

KPIs and Metrics


Not only will we be there to support you every step of the way, but you'll also gain access to a remarkable network of peers and partners, all generating multi-6 and 7+ figures in annual revenue.

Whether you're looking for your next JV partner, values-aligned service provider or just want to hang out with people who "get it"... our clients represent a remarkable group of progressive business owners, commited to diversity, equity, and justice at the core.

Better Together

Meet Our Clients

Our clients are fast-growing entrepreneurs in the online marketing space, providing a mix of online courses, memberships, group programs, and/or done-for-you services.

They come to us with an established offer that they already know how to sell & market; that gets great results; and that they’re ready to scale up.

Together, we help them break through their profit plateau, increase capacity so they can serve more clients with even better results, and build a team that will truly free them from the day-to-day.

Most importantly, though, our clients aren’t interested in building “traditional” businesses that work according to systems of patriarchy, racism, sexism, ableism, etc.

So if you agree that Black Lives Matter, love is love, women’s rights are human rights, ability takes many forms, equity (not just diversity and inclusion) is mandatory, and that running a vision & values-led business is the only type of business you want to run … then you’ll fit right in.

Logistics & Fee Schedule

The Visionary CEO Academy’s frameworks and methods have been specifically designed to meet the needs of online business owners who:

  • Have an established offer that you already know how to sell & market
  • Get great client results, whether you deliver through services, coaching, training, etc.
  • Have team members that support the day-to-day of your business
  • Are on track to generate multi-6 or early-7-figures in the next 12 months*

Within that, we have two specific options available:


Designed for single-founder businesses who either:

  • Already have a small-but-mighty team that feels like is taking too much of your time and energy to manage,
  • Have been avoiding hiring and know they need to do so in the next 6 months

If this is you, the investment is $2500 per month for a 6-month term. Most clients choose to stay with us for 12-18 months total.

Team Edition

If your business has either:

  • Multiple founders, managers or senior leaders who are involved in hiring, firing, performance management, etc.
  • You intend to hire/promote someone to manage one or more of your teams in the next 6 months.

We provide 1:1 coaching and support for your entire leadership team. The investment for this option begins at $4200 USD per month for six months (depending on business size and complexity).

Whether you choose to enroll for a single 6-month term or you choose to continue your journey with us for several years, the Visionary CEO Academy is here to support you as you grow and scale–profitably, sustainably, and equitably.

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When it comes to client capacity ...
When it comes to sales, marketing and delivery, etc ...
When it comes to time, money and energy ...

The VCA's Commitment to Equity

The Visionary CEO Academy is proudly 100% LGBTQ2S+ and 50% Indigenous (Métis) owned.

At the same time, we also recognize the privileges that have been afforded to us. The systems of racism, sexism, cis-genderism, ableism, etc. run deep, and so we are committed to putting our words into action.

That’s why all programs offered by the Visionary CEO Academy are based on an explicitly intersectional, anti-racist worldview. We:

  • Hold firm our responsibility to create and maintain safe space for marginalized groups, including those who are systematically disadvantaged whether because of race, sexuality, gender, ability, or other forms of diversity.
  • Affirm the importance of science-based decision-making, meaning we acknowledge the reality of climate change, support mask mandates, and are pro-vaxx.
  • Acknowledge that we are headquartered on unceded Coast Salish territory.
  • Believe that Black, Indigenous and Trans Lives Matter.

Finally, as a sign of our ongoing commitment toward reconciliation, 1% of all revenue collected by the Visionary CEO Academy goes to #PayTheRent in support of the Tillicum Lelum Friendship Center’s programs.


We’ve successfully helped many different types of business owners get out of the day-to-day with our process and methods.

In addition to coaches, course creators, agency owners and consultants, we’ve also helped:

  • Lawyers / Accountants / Bookkeepers
  • E-Commerce Owners
  • SaaS Founders
  • Brick & Mortar Service Providers

We’ve designed the Academy as hybrid experience. It’s not a group program where the curriculum is fixed and most of the coaching is done in a group.

Instead, all of your coaching and consulting is done privately on a one-to-one basis …

And then you also get to be part of our community for networking, masterminding and peer support.

Most clients spend 3-5 hours working “on” the business with VCA’s help. This includes time spent in coaching, working on action items, and leading your team.

Don’t have 3-5 hours a week to spare? That’s why the very first thing we do (starting on our very first call!) is help you get some space on your calendar.

Yes! You may invite one member of your team to participate in group calls, community spaces and events, as well as your private Slack channel.

We can also provide 1:1 coaching and mentorship for multiple co-founders and/or other business leaders; if that’s something you’d like to discuss, please mention it when you apply.

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