S01E08: The Visionary Pyramid

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Despite having a vision, it is almost impossible to grow and scale your business just by being the one holding it all together. You need to elevate yourself to the top of the Visionary Pyramid and learn how to empower your team by giving them their own decision-making power and authority. The pyramid will thrive, and you will no longer have to tangle with the weeds of day-to-day business, giving you control of your seven-figure business. Find out how the Visionary Pyramid works with Breanne and Jill on the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways

[1:57] The notion of “team” and how that relates to you.

[2:43] The concept of “ownership”—who makes the decisions on your team.

[4:36] Introducing the Visionary Pyramid.

[5:47] Understanding the Visionary Pyramid: answering the Five W’s and the H.

[7:03] The How Decisions: helpers and implementers.

[11:05] The What Decisions: managers and people leaders.

[16:22] The When Decisions: the integrator.

[23:41] The Where and Why Decisions: the visionary at the top of the pyramid.

[25:41] The Who Decisions: if you’re making all of the decisions, you might be the bottleneck to scaling.

[28:37] Putting all of the pieces together – your core offer, core process, High Value Hybrid, product ops team, cohorting, the Visionary Pyramid, plus (cliff hanger!) a secret ingredient you’ll learn about on the next episode.
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