8: A Conversation with Autumn Witt Boyd

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Last year, Autumn Witt Boyd’s law firm experienced rapid growth. She needed to figure out how not to be involved in everything as the firm’s founder and lead attorney because she was doing 19 people’s job descriptions. Autumn shares how she is successfully managing the rapid growth while scaling a high-performing team and developing a thriving team culture – all while removing herself from the day-to-day weeds of the business – on this episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways

[0:47] Meet Breanne and Jill’s third case study of the season, Autumn Witt Boyd. She is an attorney whose law firm works exclusively with online businesses and has been working on narrowing down her focus and developing a core offer.

[1:28] What Autumn’s job was like before she started working with Breanne and Jill. She describes herself as having 19 jobs as the founder and lead attorney at her firm, managing everyone and not giving her team proper ownership. Autumn was experiencing rapid business growth and needed to figure out how to not be in the middle of everything.

[5:02] Where Autumn was seeing things slip through the cracks because there were no checks and balances.

[6:23] Niching down Autumn’s market segment and front-end core offer. 

[10:09] Focusing the core offer brought an influx of business. Autumn needed to expand the team and nurture a thriving culture.

[11:50] How Autumn was able to step back from being the air traffic controller in her business – stepping back and letting other team members fill the roles she did not need to be filling.

[14:47] Autumn’s new simplified review process has reduced her client workload by 80%! Go team! Autumn now has time for more high-level strategic planning and execution.

[19:25] Building culture and how Autumn empowers her team members.

[24:08] Being able to see Autumn’s values reflected in her business and her team member’s lives.

[29:17] Join us next episode as we debrief this very interesting conversation with Autumn!

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