S01E06: Infinitely Scalable Delivery

About This Episode

It’s critical to find the unique blend of delivery methods that are going to work for your business. On this episode, Breanne and Jill reveal how to scale up your delivery and expand your client capacity. Discover how to apply infinitely scalable delivery using the High-Value Hybrid on the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways

[1:19] Last time we analyzed how to find where your delivery model is not scaling and getting bottlenecked. Now let’s dive into fixing it.

[3:32] What the High-Value Hybrid is and why it matters.

[8:39] “Dropping it” – get the hurdles out of your way to streamline and optimize.

[13:45] “The Three Dials” – take whatever is remaining and get it to a point where the delivery is scalable, balancing the value to the client and the value to the business.

[19:20] Examples of how our clients have used The Three Dials in their businesses.

[21:31] Caution: One dial does not fit all!

[25:31] A quick recap.

[27:18] Next episode – join us to learn how cohorts can expand your High-Value Hybrid delivery model.

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