S01E03: The Visionary CEO Framework

About This Episode:

Scaling doesn’t have to mean sacrificing profit, building a massive team, and hustling harder. It also doesn’t have to mean you need to sacrifice results or lose the high-touch along the way. In fact, achieving true scalability requires you to put into place just a few key structures. Join in and listen to Breanne and Jill explain the three foundational pillars your online business needs to get scalable results, today on the Visionary CEO Podcast.

Key Takeaways

[1:20] Why do we get stuck in the day to day of running our businesses?

[6:06] Introducing the Three Pillars to an Online Business.

[9:43] What does a scalable results structure look like?

[15:45] Let’s talk about team structure.

[20:57] Profit structures and why revenue is a vanity metric.

[28:11] Where to focus for fastest results?

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