S01E02: Rewind

Rewind (featuring Breanne Dyck and Jill Joevenazzo of Visionary CEO Podcast)

About This Episode: From the importance of structure, to the danger of unclear expectations, to the time when Jill made Breanne sign a contract about what it means to “make a plan” …  we wanted to share some of the hard lessons we’ve learned about growing and scaling our business, so you can save yourself from some of those headaches.

Key Takeaways

[0:34] Hop in our time machine and find out what our corporate jobs in higher education was like before we decided to go out on our own.

[5:04] The turning point: We wanted autonomy and empowerment from our work.

[8:49] Taking the leap – conversations that needed to happen, the type of support you need around you.

[12:37] How do you clearly communicate expectations?

[19:53] Transitioning away from you being the business to having the business be its own entity.

[25:39] How an intrapreneur transforms into an entrepreneur.

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